Script Editing & Mentoring

Script editing service:

Concise and empowering script reports (max 5 pages) that deconstruct the main elements of a screenplay: the story, the structure, the characters, the dialogue and the themes.  The story: have you managed to introduce an interesting character who goes on to face an intriguing dilemma that has a satisfactory conclusion? The structure: do you have an engaging opening, a compelling middle and a suitably cathartic end? The characters: are they complex enough to keep an audience watching if you’ve written a character driven story or dynamic enough to propel the narrative if you’ve written a plot driven story? The dialogue: it is effortlessly character specific and naturalist whilst being a precise construct? The themes: what is your story really about?

Scripts up to 30 pages: £50

Scripts 30 pages to 60 pages: £70

Scripts 60 pages to 120 pages £100

+ £50 for a 1 hr video call for an in-depth discussion about the notes.


A series of notes and video calls/face-to-face meetings (for London based writers) to help writers develop their ideas. The mentoring sessions are driven by the needs of the writer and so vary from writer to writer. Writers can either book a series of notes/meetings over a period of months to ensure they meet deadlines or can book one-off mentoring sessions with a commitment to hit a deadline and then can decide if they wish to continue. The price of a one-off mentoring session is the same as the price of a script report + 1hr video call and includes a writing timetable. The cost of two mentoring sessions is the price of two reports + two 1hr video calls minus 10%, the price of three is the same as three reports and three 1hr video calls but minus 15% and so on. It is, of course, the writer’s responsibility to hit deadlines once they are agreed upon. Once the writing timetable is agreed up there are no refunds.