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TUTOR: Emma Pass has been making up stories for as long as she can remember. She wrote her first novel – a sequel to Jurassic Park – when she was 13 in maths lessons with her notebook under her work. She used to be a library assistant but now works a full-time writer. Emma is autistic and owned by a very naughty retired racing greyhound called Auburn. She has written two World War 2 romances, both published by Aria Fiction: Before the Dawn (2022), based around the events of D Day, which reached the finals of the Romantic Novel Awards, and The Girl From Norway (2023), set in Shetland and Norway. She also writes for teenagers and children, and has won two awards for her YA novels, as well as being nominated for the Carnegie Medal.

Start Date: 12th June, 2024

Duration: 6 Weeks

Fee: €170

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Course Outline

Have you ever pondered the art of crafting romance fiction? Perhaps you’ve been dedicating time to a romance novel or poem, but find yourself struggling to capture the essence just right. If so, the Romance Writing Course is tailored for you! Spanning six weeks, this course provides a comprehensive exploration of enhancing your romance writing skills, incorporating interactive activities, assignments, and valuable insights from seasoned professionals. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced writer with prior publications, this course is designed to benefit you!


Lesson 1: What is Romance Fiction?

The first lesson teaches you the basics of writing romance fiction. You will learn how to structure your romance writing, and how to show, not tell in your writing.


Lesson 2: Romantic Characters

The second lesson teaches you how to write characters in a romance story. You will learn how to give your characters motivation and how to develop them throughout your story.


Lesson 3: Romantic Dialogue

The third lesson teaches you how to write dialogue in your romance story. You will learn how to write everyday phrases and how to show, not tell, through your dialogue. 


Lesson 4: Creating Tension 

The fourth lesson teaches you how to create tension in your writing. This is not only romantic and sexual tension, but any other kind. You will learn how to pace your writing to keep your reader engaged. 


Lesson 5: Climaxes

The fifth lesson teaches you how to write climaxes in your romance fiction. You will learn how to structure your acts and how to write an ending. 


Lesson 6: Editing and Publishing

The final lesson teaches you how to publish your romance stories. You will learn how to reach out to literary agents and how to self-publish.

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Start Date

12th June


6 weeks




Emma Pass