New Millenium Writings Award

Closing: January 31st 2014

New Millennium Writings is now accepting submissions for their Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction awards.

Prizes: $1,000 for best Poem, $1,000 for best Fiction, $1,000 for best Nonfiction and finally $1,000 for best Short-short Fiction
The winners will be published in NMW and on their website.

No limit on number of entries, style or content. Open to writers around the world.

Each fiction or nonfiction piece is counted as a separate entry, and should total no more than 6,000 words except Short-Short Fiction (no more than 1,000 words)

Each poetry entry may include up to three poems, not to exceed five pages total per entry. All poetry Honorable Mentions will be published.

Entry Fees: $20

More over on their website.