New Correspondence Course

There are many advantages to completing a course online. However if you would prefer to carry out a correspondence course, where you submit and receive and assignments by post, we offer a Beginners Creative Writing correspondence course, which has the same content as the online course.

Adam Wyeth will be your personal tutor and this distance learning course allows you the flexibility of studying at home. You can start at any time of the year.

To enrol, you can send a cheque/bank draft/money order for €250.00 to Creative Writing Ink, 35, Granary Hall, Mount Oval Village, Rochestown, Co. Cork. Alternatively you can pay on our Secure Online Payment page.

Your first lesson and assignments will be posted to you promptly, on receipt of payment. Once you have worked your way through your first lesson and completed your first assignment you then send it to your tutor for correction. When your tutor receives your assignment, he will give detailed feedback on your work and send it back to you, along with your next lesson.

For more information on our Beginners Creative Writing Course and the course content, please go to our online courses page.