March Competition Winner


Vera Sugár

Let us concentrate, always, all places, all of us.
And then the end of the world will come anyways,
And it will bitter out throats, like charcoal tablets;
Taste, tease, suck.
And I simply explain to them, us, that it’s actually
A piece of candy and that it’s faulty by nature, I forget to mention to them, for them.
With two iron fists, I slowly roll you into a ball of love, my friends,
Who, for a small Odysseus trick, melt like butter.
And then the last light goes out, but we don’t sleep, we wait.
We warm each other’s backs and five hands tangle up
Because in the morning, the world switches from whispering to loud;
Holds will loosen and we are who we were yesterday.
Fools are those who believe Change or New.
I will tell the truth, and I will scatter my stolen thoughts like ashes
On the wind.
Words of decay fall from its wings.
And they keep falling as the midday sun warms us like never ending love.
You are the ones to chain the dreams and you break their free hands.
Dreams, too, break in; empty horses who believed their freedom and
Knew so little of Truth.
They learnt without words like us all
The falling winter didn’t change, like stomach ache.
It would be easy, but let’s not give up just yet.