Gift Ideas For The Book Lover In Your Life

Gift ideas for the book lover in your life!

Book lovers are always excited to receive books as gifts. Whether it’s a new release or a classic, a book is a perfect gift for any occasion. But, what do you get a bookworm that simply has them all?! Here are a couple of gift ideas that any book lover would be over the moon to receive!

Customised bookmarks

A custom bookmark is a great way to make reading a little more special. Many sellers offer custom bookmarks with a variety of designs, from quotes to characters. Possibly even personalising it with their name!

A book embosser

If you haven’t heard of a book embosser, it is a personalised stamp that uses ink to print into pages of your favourite books. Book embossers are a great way to make every book in their collection a little bit more special. These are easily customisable for each individual with beautiful designs, calligraphy or even a monogram of their initials!

A creative writing course

As for the case with many book lovers, becoming a writer is a true passion and aspiration. Most of the time a love for reading and writing go hand in hand, a creative writing course is a perfect gift for an aspiring writer or novelist. Not only will they learn the craft of writing, but they’ll also have the opportunity to workshop their writing with other aspiring writers. Learning new skills within the craft that they cherish so much. Of course, this can be tailored to their bookish interests such as nonfiction, short stories, horror or even poetry! From beginners to experts, there is a writing course for anyone with a love for books and the art of writing.

A book subscription box

Book subscription boxes are a great way to discover new books and authors that they may not have had the chance to discover yet. Many companies offer different types of boxes, from young adult to science fiction, so you can choose the perfect fit for the book lover in your life. A gift that keeps on giving for months to come!

An e-reader

An e-reader is a great gift for the book lover who loves to travel or is always on the go. It allows them to carry hundreds of books with them and also instantly have access to thousands of books at the drop of a hat.

Book-related art prints

For the book lover who also loves art, book-related art prints are a perfect gift. From bookish quotes to illustrations of beloved characters, there are many options to choose from. It is also a great way to add their interests to their home or bedroom decor.

A book light

Portable lights are a must-have for anyone who reads. Whether in bed or out and about, they are easy to clip onto the side of a book and create the greatest ambience for a good reading session.

Book themed teas

Believe it or not, there are a lot of literary-themed teas out there! When creating the best environment to settle down and read a good book in, tea is a must-have to create the best reading experience. From ‘Sense and Sensibili-Tea’ to Shakespeare’s ‘To tea or not to tea?’, this gift idea is bound to excite classic book readers!

Whatever you choose, these gift ideas for the book lover in your life are sure to give them the chance to discover new ways to enjoy their passion for literature!

Gift ideas for the book lover in your life!