The BlueCat Screenplay Competition has been discovering and developing  writers since 1998. Of special interest to their International entrants are two prizes awarded solely to writers living outside the United States. First is “The Cordelia” award. This $1,000 (USD) prize is awarded to an outstanding script submitted by a writer residing in the U.K. For more information regarding “The  Cordelia” award, please visit

Second is “The Joplin” award. Created to acknowledge the large amount of screenwriters writing in English around the world, this prize awards $1,000 (USD) to an  outstanding screenplay submitted by an entrant that resides outside the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. For more information regarding “The Joplin”  award, please visit

All international entries are eligible for their specialised awards, AND remain eligible for the main competition awards. BlueCat offers generous prizes to their outstanding finalist and Grand Prize winning entries. The winner of the 2012 competition will receive $10,000, and four finalists will each receive a $2,000 award. In addition, each screenplay submitted to their competition receives two written analyses.

To be considered for their regular deadline, entries must be postmarked or  received electronically on or before October 15th, 2012. The entry fee  for this deadline is $60 per script.

For complete entry rules and details, an overview of our competition, and a wealth of other useful information, please visit their website at