Bronte Society Creative Competition

The Publications and Conference Committee of the Brontë Society is pleased to announce the opening of the new Creative Competition.

The three categories of this year’s competition are: Short Story, Poetry, and Illustrations of a Brontë novel.:
In the first category, short stories, the challenge will be to create a story around one of the minor characters in one of the seven Brontë novels; for example, in ‘Jane Eyre’, Helen Burns’ life before she came to Lowood School.

In the poetry section they are looking for unusual personal responses to one of the Brontës’ novels or poems.

For the illustration section, a new visual strand, they are looking for black-and-white illustrations of a specific scene, as described in one of the novels.

£500 first prize, £250 second prize, and £100 third prize will be awarded in each category. Entry fee is £10.

The deadline for entries is 31 January, 2014.

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