If you are an author, please see proofreading details below. Please note that we no longer provide a proofreading service for academic theses, dissertations or journals.


We offer critique, proofreading and editing services for books, short stories, query letters, synopses, poems and screenplays.

Book and Short Story Proofreading Services

The price will depend on the standard of your manuscript. For a quote, please email a sample of your manuscript and the total word count to

Note: If you haven’t had your manuscript critiqued, we recommend that you consider our critique service before you submit your manuscript for proofreading. If you intend to submit your manuscript to a publisher or agent, you may just need our first three chapters critique package.

First Three Chapters Critique Package

We provide a critique service for the first three chapters, synopsis and cover letter.

Submit the first 10,000 words of your novel, a synopsis of the entire book (maximum 2 pages) and your cover letter.

Price: €180

Please email us at for payment details and for an estimated turnaround time.

‘I had the pleasure of dealing with Olive O’Brien when I did her six-week creative writing course. I found her comments and encouragement really helpful. I had been experiencing writer’s block and needed to get back into the swing of things. I am happy to say, it did the trick. The writing course itself was challenging and enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing a lack of confidence in their writing.

Olive, also undertook an editorial review of a manuscript that I am working on. I needed a professional opinion on style, grammar and structure. Olive responded quickly and pointed me in the right direction. Her skills as a writer and editor are evident and I am sure that the advice and encouragement she has given me thus far will enable me to fulfil my writing potential.

I would recommend Olive highly, she is a consummate professional with a keen eye for detail. She also has a warm and friendly approach. Signing up for the writing course and having her review my work has been invaluable. I have learned so much more about the craft and am sure I will continue to do so under her influence.’ Angela Morris