Beginners Creative Writing with Doreen Duffy

dorren-duffyDoreen Duffy studied creative writing at Oxford University online, at University College Dublin & National University of Ireland (NUIM) Maynooth. She is a member of Platform One Writers and Phoenix Writers at NUIM. Doreen’s been published in Flash Fiction Magazine (USA), Live Encounters (Indonesia), The Incubator Journal, The Woman’s Way and The Irish Times. Her short stories are included in Circle and Square Anthology, Ireland’s Own Anthology, South of the County New Myths and Tales. She read her work for All Points West Audio Productions. She won The Jonathan Swift Poetry Award and was delighted to be presented with The Deirdre Purcell Cup by the Maria Edgeworth Literary Festival.

Next course starts on 26th September 2017

Price: €130

Duration: six weeks

Course is strictly limited to 10 participants.

If you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t know where to start, or if you’re returning to writing after some time away: This Beginners Course is the course for YOU! This course will explore the wonderful world of creative writing. With steady encouragement and guidance you will complete manageable weekly assignments with one to one feedback from your tutor Doreen Duffy. This could be the start of your first short story, or the collection of short stories that will become your first book.

Module One – Where to get ideas The ideas file and how to compile it. In this module you will be surprised to find out how, with a little thought, observation and direction you will find all the ideas you need to propel you into your first piece of writing.

Module Two – Developing Characters – The character file and how to compile it. In this module you will begin to dream up characters and breathe life into them.

Module Three – Setting & the Use of the Five Senses – Setting is not just a backdrop to your stories. In this module you will see how it can be the thing that energises your fictional world and makes it spin.

Module Four – Dialogue – Letting your characters speak for themselves. In this module you will hear how Dialogue can reveal character and move your story along.

Module Five – Structure, Plot, Point of View & Tense – All of these elements are integral to your writing. In this module you will learn that a story needs a beginning and middle and an end but at its heart there must be plot. You will discover the best way to choose whose perspective to tell your story from and whether it is best set in the past or in the immediacy of the here and now.

Module Six – The different types of creative writing & where to submit your work. In this module we will explore which writing routine works best for you, from the beginning to the edit, looking at the different types of fictional writing you can choose to write, and where to submit your work for publication.

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